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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Making Change in Your Life

As I woke up today (Thanksgiving) I realized that this will be the first Thanksgiving I can remember that I will not eat turkey, or any animal product. My wife and I became vegans this summer for a number of different reasons, and we love it! We watched a couple of different documentaries, read some articles and we decided to make a change in our lives. We felt it was needed and did not care what other people thought because we knew it was right for us. My father in law was the original vegan in our family and now my mom and dad are also vegans. I think being vegan is the way to go because it shows compassion for our environment and it is great for our bodies!

Now, I know you are asking yourself why a football coach is talking about being a vegan on his football blog site. Maybe some people stopped reading after the first sentence! But, if you will hang with me, I will tie this back into coaching football! I promise this article will not be about how to change your diet, but if you want more information about being vegan please email me!

All of us have made changes in our lives for a number of reasons. Change can be a hard thing for a lot of people because it can be uncomfortable. Some people look forward to change and some people dread change. However, when you know it is time to make a change, DO IT! The universe is constantly evolving and our state of being is constant evolution. No one stayed a baby forever and in a hundred years all of us will be dead! The key is recognizing when we need to make change and when we need to stay the course. Seeking wise counsel is the best way to make sure we are making wise decisions. I have a handful of people that I consult about big changes in my life and all of them have my best interest at heart. I hope everyone of you have a circle of people that you can trust when it comes to life altering decisions.

As I have reflected on this past football season, there are a number of different things I am going to change as I go forward as a head football coach. I have worked for people that do not change anything during the off - season, and I have worked for people that change everything during the off - season. Those programs are successful because their head coaches knew what their program needed to attain or sustain success. It is my job to constantly evaluate how we can make our football program better. That is the most important role of a head coach. The head coach is the one that makes the decision to stay the course, make slight adjustments or completely change course. This is a critical decision that can completely change the direction of a football program. I consult people that I trust about these types of decisions because they will affect everyone.

I am a film nerd, so I have a lot of film from other programs on Hudl. Now is the time of year where I will make cut - ups of different schemes I like. I make offensive, defensive and special teams cut - ups so we can discuss potential scheme changes as a staff. I will visit other programs this off - season to gather ideas about how to do a better job of developing our athletes and our football culture. I am always looking for a handful of schemes or ideas that will make our football program better. These are things that every good coach does in the off - season, because if we are not getting better we are getting worse.

So as you eat your turkey this Thanksgiving, I pray that you will take action on the changes you need to make in your life. Remember that it is your life and no one else can live it! Be bold with your decisions once you know it is right for you! Enjoy your Thanksgiving and God bless!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Odd Cover 1 Defense

New article on the USA Football website! Odd Cover 1 Defense

I will also be recording more podcasts in the near future!