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Thursday, June 12, 2014

7 on 7

Now is the time of year when 7 on 7 becomes HUGE at the high school level. We are going to throw at the UGA 7 on 7 tournament tomorrow and it is going to be a great opportunity for our kids to compete against good players. We need to learn how to defend the different route concepts we will see tomorrow and continue to work on our technique and scheme. I do think it is a HUGE disadvantage to the defense for the ball to be spotted on the plus 40 every time, but people want to see points scored.

As a defensive coordinator I see the value in 7 on 7 but I have to give myself a reality check and realize that it is not REAL football. I KNOW the most important parts of the game are the offensive and defensive lines, and they are not even on the field during 7 on 7. 7 on 7 / skelly is just one period in a typical practice for us, not the end all be all of football during the summer. I must constantly remind myself of that fact so I do not stress out over the amount of points that will be scored on us during the tournament.

7 on 7 is a great tool for team building and perfecting your man / zone coverages. However, please do not crown yourself the state champion because you win a 7 on 7 tournament. There is no run game, which wins championships, and the defense cannot blitz. As I tell my HC every time he scores on us during 7 on 7.. "We were bringing 6 on that play!".

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