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Monday, July 7, 2014


When I first became a defensive coordinator during the 2011 football season, I had very little defensive knowledge. I played offensive line in college and I coached the offensive line for the 2 years that I had been out of college.

80 pounds ago...
So, I took the defense from where I had been coaching and transplanted it to my new school (my job was cut because of budget cuts at my first two schools.. fun!!) We were a 3-5-3 and we played a ton of country cover 3. Early on in the season I brought a lot of 5 man pressures and played cover 3 behind it and as the season went on we became more of a 4 man or 3 man pressure team (cover 3) because we became great at the fundamentals. We had really simple front and coverage adjustments that were easy on us and confusing to the offense. We also had good players because without good players, you cannot win a lot of games. 

We went on to finish 9-3, win the district, play in the regional final and give up less than 200 yards per game during the regular season with a defense that did not have a player who weighed over 180 pounds. We also did not have a home field and played every game on the road, which was INTERESTING.

We never tried to out think the other coach or run a gimmick defense. We played country cover 3 over 95% of our snaps and had a top 5 defense in the city of Jacksonville, FL!!! We became great at what we did and executed our game plan very well! 

You do not have to be Nick Saban to have a great defense. Coach what you know, demand excellence from your players, and good things will happen! Have a great rest of the summer and WIN THE DAY!!

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