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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Post Coverage

There are two different families of coverage in football: MOFC and MOFO. MOFC stands for middle of the field is closed (cover 3 and cover 1). MOFO stands for middle of the field is open (cover 2 and cover 4). Teams have had great success with MOFO coverages, but at the high school level I believe MOFC coverages are more beneficial. I read a lot of material on Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks and they live in MOFC coverage. Cover 3 and 1 close the middle of the field and make a team complete lower percentage throws. You can also get 8 players in the box on every snap, which helps slow down the opponents' running game.

We used a 4-2-5 defense for the majority of last season and played a TON of cover 3 and a little bit of cover 1. We will play cover 3 again this year and become masters of hiding the weaknesses (seam / flat). Cover 3 prevents the big play and it gives you optimal numbers in the box. Every coverage has its weaknesses, so you have to learn how to hide them. We will have change ups to keep the offense guessing but we will have a post safety to ensure that the QB cannot make the easiest throw in football.. the POST! 

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