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Saturday, August 2, 2014


As we prepare for this next season, we must remember that it is not what we know (coaches) but it what our players know. I am guilty of spending hours drawing different defensive fronts and coverages that look great on paper! However, in order to play great defense, you must commit to your scheme and PERFECT YOUR defense.

Our players have a lot going on in their lives and football is often at the bottom of the list. So, we must make our schemes simple so they can master their stance, keys, assignments, alignments and responsibilities. We do not have the extended film and install time that colleges rely upon to implement their scheme. It is important that you are flexible enough on defense to change - up your look, but it must be simple enough so you can execute the call against whatever formation / play an offense runs.

Great defenses are ones that fly to the football and do not commit mental errors. You can only accomplish those two objectives if your defense is simple. The Seattle Seahawks just won the Super Bowl playing cover 3 and a little bit of cover 1. NFL offenses knew they were going to be in 3 or 1 and they still had the best defense in the NFL. Defense will always be about execution, and you must be simple if you are going to execute at a HIGH level.

1. DEMAND EXCELLENCE from your players and yourself
2. Your players must give PERFECT EFFORT on every snap
3. BE SIMPLE so you can accomplish #'s 1 and 2

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