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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

50 Defense

I have always had a place for the 50 defense in my heart (old school 3-4). I grew up playing against the 50 defense from middle school through high school. I was an offensive lineman on a wing - t football team and I mostly played center my entire career. So, I became very familiar with a head up nose that was trying to knock me back into the quarterback on every play. Thus, I did not fully comprehend what a one - gap defensive linemen was until I was in college and faced them on a daily basis. 

That being said, I am going to post a link to a version of the 50 defense that I have studied over the course of the last couple years. It is a basic system that allows you to rush 3 - 5 and adjust your coverage between post and split coverage. 

Hope you enjoy and please feel free to give me feedback or share some of your 50 material with me.

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