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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Play Fast

When it comes to defensive scheme, I always err on the side of simplicity because a thinking defense is a slow defense. If your players are thinking throughout the entire play instead of reading their keys and reacting, you probably do not have a good defense. Offenses are more multiple than ever, and at the high school level we see it all (wing - t, triple option, pro, spread, single wing), so your scheme must be simple enough to adapt to the different offenses you see on a weekly basis.
Can you handle it?
At the high school level, we cannot recruit our athletes, so we must mold our scheme to fit our personnel on a year to year basis. Each year is different and the years you have really good players, I would simplify your scheme. On the years where you do not have as much talent, I would add a little bit more to the package so you can keep the offense guessing. You may have to use multiple schemes during a year to see what fits your personnel, and that is OK. Do not be afraid to experiment with different schemes as long as they are sound and you are an expert in that scheme.

The Bears used a 4-3 over.. Use what is best for you!!

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