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Friday, December 12, 2014

Rush 0

I went to the Nike Coach of the Year Clinic in Orlando, Florida this past year and I listened to D.J. Durkin (Florida's Defensive Coordinator) speak during a session. He was a very eloquent speaker that related well to high school coaches. He gave a lengthy presentation on the Gator's practice schedule and a couple of their schemes. My notes from this clinic can be found by clicking on this link: Nike COY Notes

 The scheme I am going to detail is what Florida calls "Rush 0". This is a 5 man pressure with cover 1 in the secondary. This is a simple scheme, but Coach Durkin says that they want to reduce the game to technique and effort, so the scheme must be simple to accomplish that goal. Below are diagrams of Rush 0 versus multiple formations:

 Cover 1 is a safe coverage that gives you a MOF player but it also allows you to bring pressure. I have some cover 1 adjustments to other formations in this article:

Thank you for taking the time to read my article and God bless!

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