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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Win Each Snap

As our team has gone through this season, I have cemented my belief that all we can do is prepare our players to win each snap. We have played a very difficult non - region schedule that has tested our football team and has prepared us for region play. We have played teams that are 2 and 3 classifications bigger than us, which is AWESOME because it made us become more focused on winning the snap and forgetting about the scoreboard.

As a coach, I know that I am judged by wins and losses. People only ask you if you won or lost the football game and do not care how well you played or if your kids gave great effort. That bothers me because all we can control is if we are playing up to our potential. It is ALL about building relationships with your players and making them BELIEVE in the process, because the product will take care of itself.

The scoreboard is irrelevant and all that matters is the amount of effort we give each play and our execution. Each play has a life unto itself and we are trying to win all of the snaps in the football game. It does not matter if you are up 42 to 0 or down 42 to 0. If every player plays with great effort and does their job, you will be successful because the team has played up to its potential. Love your players, demand excellence and great things will happen!!