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Thursday, January 29, 2015

3-4 One Gap Defense

Here is the link to a 3-4 article I wrote on

Clinic Season

This time of year is very exciting to me because I get the chance to talk with a lot of other coaches about their philosophy and scheme. This year is especially exciting because I am going to be a head coach for the first time! As I plan for the future of our program, I believe it is imperative to talk with coaches who have been successful and learn from their experiences. I am going to share some of the wisdom I have gained so far this off-season in the following points:

1. Have a philosophy, stick to it and be crystal clear about your vision for the program (If you want those materials, please contact me and I will email them to you)
2. Have a GREAT strength and conditioning program!
3. Match your scheme to your personnel. This is very important at the high school level because we cannot recruit our players.
4.  Recruit the hallways!
5. Be able to coach every position because you need to know every part of the offense and defense you choose to run.
6. Make sure your players know you care about them and will hold them to a high standard!

I hope these 6 points help you as you prepare for this next season.I will be attending the Glazier Clinic in Atlanta on February 6th, and if any of you attend the clinic please contact me so we can meet up and talk some ball.

God bless!