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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Smoke Package

Smoke Package
`                 Bringing pressure is a must if you want to create negative plays. You can do this with cover 1 pressures or you can play cover 0.  Cover 0 may seem scary, but if you have well defined rules that adjust to any formation, cover 0 is an excellent tool. You cannot be afraid to bring pressure when it is needed!
                  The blitz I am going to detail is what I call “Smoke”. I learned this package from a couple of great coaches in the state of Georgia, and they run this call 25 – 30% of the time. This is a packaged blitz that has very defined rules that allow your players to key in on their assignment and play without thinking.
                  Smoke is a field pressure that is illustrated below:

                  The field end and nose slant to the boundary and the boundary end plays a tight base technique where he spills all pullers and performs a bull rush versus the pass. The Sam is a spill blitzer to the field and the Will is a contain blitzer to the boundary. The Mike has the Tailback man to man. The Stud ($) is a contain blitzer to the field. The Corners are in man to man on #1, the Adjuster (A) is man on #2 to the boundary / #3 to the field and the Free Safety (FS) is man on #2 to the field or #3 to the boundary.

This is what Smoke looks like versus 3x1:

Versus Empty the Spur gives an “I’m Gone” call and the Sam becomes a contain rusher. You can also blitz the Mike if you still want a 6 man pressure.

Here is what Smoke looks like versus empty:

                  This pressure can also be called to a tight end and that is referred to as “Gator”. That concept is illustrated below:

                  The Adjuster takes the Tailback and the Mike takes the fullback, but everyone else remains the same. This is the beauty of the Smoke blitz! It is a simple package that is sound versus every formation and it allows your players to play fast so you can take the offense by surprise.

                  Thank you for reading my article and I would greatly appreciate your feedback! My email is and my Twitter handle is @zachdavis24. God bless you as you progress through your season!