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Friday, December 23, 2016

Protecting the Bear

When you use a bear front on a regular basis, an offense can begin to pick on the "weaknesses" in the defense. One of the weaknesses is putting the back into the flat on an arrow route and making your Mike linebacker cover him one on one running inside out. Another weakness is motioning the back out of the backfield then running quarterback draw, counter or zone.

One way to protect yourself against these weaknesses is to use a "Peel" technique by the edge rushers.

This page is taken from Wade Phillips' playbook and provides really good details about how this coverage is used against 11 personnel. Below are examples of how it is used versus different formations:

I believe in using a simple defense that employs a limited number of fronts, blitzes and coverages. However, I do believe in having adjustments within your scheme to help protect the "weaknesses" of your defense. Using a "Peel" technique is a great way to help your Mike linebacker play the run more effectively and have low and high hole help versus the pass.