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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Being a High School Coach

Being a high school coach is a very rewarding profession that allows us to help young men become productive members of society. It is my calling in life and I could not see myself doing anything else. The year round processes of developing your team is very time consuming but it is necessary if we are going to raise young men to be great husbands, fathers and employees. Wins and losses are third on my list of what I want to accomplish each year.

 First, I want my players to be good young men. Second, I want them to be great students. Lastly, I want them to be good football players. If you raise good young men that are successful in the classroom, then you will have good football teams if your players have the God given talent and we do a great job as coaches developing our players.

Coaching in high school is very different from coaching in college or professional football. We do not get to recruit our players and we must develop them in order to have a successful season. I look forward to the off - season and pre - season much more than the actual season. The off - season is a time where we get to develop an off - season lifting program, practice plans, and coaches meetings to get ready for the upcoming season. Pre - season practice is a blast because all we do is coach football and help our players develop without the "noise" of the season. 

Most people think they could be a high school coach, but few actually know what goes on inside a good high school program. Most people do not know about the 60 hour work week, the Sunday meetings, washing practice attire, checking the players' grades, dealing with "those" parents, and the stress Friday night's put on your family. My wife does not sit with our fans because of the nasty things people say about players and coaches. Now, those people paid their money, so they are entitled to speak their mind, but they do not understand the stress it puts on your wife and 2 year old little girl. 

There are a lot of great high school coaches that deal with the same issues every Friday night during the season, but we press on because we want to make a difference in our players' lives. We do not do it for the money or fame. We are investing into the lives of our players and trying to help them reach their goals and dreams! Next time you see a high school football coach, please thank them for their tireless work! 

God Bless!


  1. Well Said. Coaching and developing young men is as gratifying as it gets. I love walking through the grocery store and one of my old or current players is excited and yells "hey coach" and then runs over to tell me how he has been doing. It also open up yet another opportunity to ask about his grades and other important life skills. (what has he been doing to better his situation across the board.

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  3. I agree with you no one realizes how hard it is to coach football at any level. I coach youth football and it is so hard even at that level. I believe that it is about the kids and coaching them to become good young men as well as good players. If your players have the God given talent and we do a great job as coaches developing our players that will happen on it's own. I also believe that it's a coach's job to develop players. So many coaches give up on some players and just work with the players that already are good at football. It is the coach's job to make the less talented players into great players to give them opportunities for the future.

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